Thursday, January 12, 2012

Spiritualism and Leadership

Meditation is a key foundation of spiritual world, which is an inward looking practice performed to channelize all our energy in understanding one's soul or potential. Effective meditation requires a subject to zoom out from many distractions in life and concentrate/channelize all the energy only on few (God, Faith, etc.,) .i.e saying NO to many things to understand the real-self or real potential. Once achieved, like Lord Buddha did, achieving the impossible is just a matter of time. Success could be achieved with high probability. Also, due to all the energy being channelized inwardly, it creates a high magnetic field around a subject that attracts lot of people similarly like it happens with celestial bodies.

In the past decade the most talked about topic, other than the financial crisis, was Apple and it's co-founder Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had an uncanny knack of delivering successful products one after another. He made people believe in what he told. It was like being in Steve's magnetic field, it was one way traffic with no exit. I have experienced it and I believe so may people have it. So, what made Steve tick and achieve this phenomenal feat of attracting customers ?  One reason for success could be easily traced back to his early days when he was involved heavily in spiritual life more than in business. Once enlightened and realizing his potential, like Lord Buddha, he returned and transformed the entire technology industry. Steve himself said that one of the important things in leadership is saying NO to many things and not saying yes,  which I think perfectly aligns with spiritualism.

Spiritualism is an act of leadership which teaches us to say NO to many things so as to be right in many other things. Finally, there is no one path to success. However, the combination of spiritualism and skill can lead to high probability of success.

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